Andrea Zanzotto and Euromobil

The Lucchetta brothers were also interested in the work and person of Andrea Zanzotto (1921-2011), one of the most significant contemporary poets. Born in Pieve di Soligo, he has always remained deeply attached to their land, going away rarely. Sliding his biography is easily seen as the link to its origins has characterized not only life, but the whole poem. It is then natural to think of a meeting between the Lucchetta brothers and Zanzotto, characterized by a strong territorial identity and common purpose.
For Zanzotto, Lucchetta supports in 1996 the release of a music box (Language) with lyrics and music by the poet Mirco De Stefani, which will follow a concert in Venice in the prestigious Fondazione Cini. Assisting in the publication of art books and folders "illustrated" Vedova, Pizzinato, Dorazio, Pasolini, Schifano, Santomaso, Zotti, Pomodoro, Murer, Carla Accardi, Zigaina, Federico Fellini, < br /> In 2001, for eighty years of the poet, the Euromobil Group in collaboration with the Fondazione Teatro La Fenice in Venice, presents in Pieve di Soligo "La più brutta opera di Giuseppe Verdi," produced by " Il Gran teatino La fede delle femmine"directed by Margot Galante Garrone. The poet is present in the work, as recorded in the film, and a precursor in the hands of the father of Giovanna d'Arc.
In 2006, for the 85th birthday or the Euromobil group is next to the Veneto Region, City of Venice, Cini Foundation, Fondazione Querini Stampalia and Ca 'Foscari University for the three-day International Conference , one in Pieve di Soligo and two in Venice involved scholars from many universities and translators in French, German, English of the works of the poet.
Video screenings, exhibitions, concerts, shows, in three days, in different places of Pieve and Venice and accompany students, friends and those who love the poet and his work, poetry, fiction, literary criticism, aimed mainly to sing the beauty of the landscape increasingly ruined by a poorly understood progress: more and more in defiance of this nature not only in its territory addresses the urgent appeal of this artist well-insulated and age but increasingly expensive to many, many fans, scholars and translators.
the 87th birthday , Andrea Zanzotto was celebrated in relatively good health and mind and heart always strive to continue the work of safeguarding the threatened language English globalizing and human reality and natural that we should all feel responsible to transfer to future generations as much as possible intact. So Lucchetta brothers were closed in cultural events with the poet were brought to the community among whom he lives.
Even in the occasion of 90 years of the poet Lucchetta brothers and Euromobil Group paid tribute to Zanzotto helping to sponsor a series of initiatives that have involved many personalities of Italian culture and who have seen the publication of a book entitled "Nessun consuntivo. I 90 anni di Andrea Zanzotto" with a speech written by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

As a testimony of esteem and appreciation Zanzotto donated to Lucchetta brothers his epigrams, for a playful commitment to a reflexive hilarity.


this progress noose
"In questo progresso scorsoio
non so se vengo ingoiato
o se ingoio.
Un gran bisogno in giro ora si sente:
quello di un'assemblea prostituente.
Siedi con me
su divini divani:
così conoscerai
le mie modestie sessuali.
Dovunque il guardo giro
immenso caos ti vedo
per l'opre tue mi adiro
ti riconosco in me.
Il mondo gira male
perché spera di lucrare
anche sul proprio funerale".

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