Zotti. The epic, the story, the elegy 1956_2006 fifty years of painting

24 March - 31 July 2007 | Potenza - Palazzo Loffredo

curated by L. Gavioli and D. Marangon

After the success of the Permanente in Milan, the vast anthology of Carmelo Zotti, one of the most unique and fervent cases of Italian figurative art after World War II, is presented in Potenza, in the exhibition of the Galleria Civica di Palazzo Loffredo. More than a hundred works of the master together for this great review, exemplary works from all periods of his activity. The exhibition, curated by Laura Gavioli, has been promoted by Euromobil Group.
The paintings of Carmelo Zotti in Potenza, Basilicata beautiful and cozy Region, they will go to meet a public that is particularly sensitive to the myth, mystery and metaphors evoked by a painting of deep content, such as the one selected for this review. The works can count on a natural habitat, not only for the extraordinary geographical proximity to the Mediterranean, from which they capture their most 'essential sap evocative and visionary, but also for the presence of the vast archaeological heritage, housed in the Archaeological Museum "Dinu Adamesteanu "Palazzo Loffredo, who can not leave indifferent the attentive visitor to discover a magical combination. Zotti's painting, so pregnant with meaning and portents, it will be a pleasant surprise for all the Civic Gallery of power and you may even think that it will have a new and unpredictable vitality in the bright light of the south.