POPE form gesture to color

26 september 2009 - 7 January 2010 | Piazzola sul Brenta, Villa Contarini

curated by D.Marangon

Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta, "the palace of the Venetian Villas", opens its space to contemporary. The magnificent residence recently acquired by the Veneto Region, so back to an illustrious tradition that in the sixties saw the host prestigious artists next to "new promise" that are now internationally renowned names. To start this new season of Villa Contarini the Veneto Region has chosen Pope - Giuseppe Galli (Portsmouth 1942): one of the protagonists of the new pictorial research. The large monographic Pope will remain on display at the Villa Contarini from September 26 to January 7, He moved in a foreign office. Painter particularly refined and rigorous gradually able, without the need for any external reference or imitation, to cultivate a more articulate expression, Pope can be considered one of the most creative members of the so-called Analytical Painting, gained the attention of critics and collecting, in Italy and in Europe since the seventies. The exhibition, created with the assistance of the Group Euromobil and called Pope. The sign color, show a wide and from selected anthology of paintings - often large - from the sixties to the present day. With the aim of enhancing the work of an artist who has come to maturity and that, despite having enjoyed the interest and attention of poets, critics and art historians, it has not yet received adequate recognition of the value and the quality of his research.