Paths between the Biennale. From 1948 to 1968. The new paint in Friuli and Venice

26 March - 12 June 2011 | Pordenone - Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

curated by G. Granzotto

Paths between the Biennials. From 1948 to 1968. The new paint in Friuli and Venezia "is the title of the exhibition that the PARCO Gallery of Modern Art and Contemporary Art offers from March 27 to June 12 to coincide with the 54th Venice Biennale. The exhibition, sponsored by the city of Pordenone is curated by Giovanni Granzotto in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts.
The reason and the significance of this event - says Giovanni Granzotto who is the curator - is trying to represent the extraordinary moments of exchange and innovation experienced by a key component of visual art in the heart - in those years - of 'art itself: Venice, trying to bring them and explain the side of the Venetian and Friulian artists who contributed to make great Biennials in those years.
The research will focus on those generations, even along the groove of iconographic painting, they have contributed to the renewal and development of contemporary art, with a particular emphasis on those teachers who really participated in the formation of the post-war avant-garde. So apart from the exception Virgilio Guidi, will not meet artists born in the nineteenth century. 
The exhibition presents 220 paintings and 25 graphic works, with larger nuclei (8 - 10 pieces each) for Afro, Edmondo Bacci, Mario Deluigi, Virgilio Guidi, Riccardo Licata, Gino Morandis, Anton Zoran Music, Armando Pizzinato, Bruno Saetti Giuseppe Santomaso, Emilio Vedova and Joseph Zigaina and areas still relevant (6-8 works each) for Celiberti Giorgio, Luciano Gaspari, Alberto Gianquinto, Tancredi and Vinicio Vianello. Anzil, Maria Baldan, Xavier Barbaro, Ferruccio Bortoluzzi, Gustavo Boldrini, Renato Borsato, Ciussi Carlo, Federico De Rocco, Giuseppe Gambino, Toni Fulgenzi, Bruna Gasparini, Charles Hollesch, Albino Lucatello, Cesco Magnolato, Leone Minassian, Mirko, Giorgio Dario Paolucci , Fred Pittino, Saverio Rampin, Carmelo Zotti complete the great overview.
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog of about 368 pages that show all the images of the paintings, published by Antiga. In the catalog, as well as the texts by Giovanni Granzotto and Gilberto Ganzer (the latter focused on the artists at the Biennale Friuli), interventions appear Antonella Alban, Franco Batacchi, Michele Beraldo, Giovanni De Luigi Bianchi, Leonardo Conti, Mauro Corona, Lorraine Gava, Dino Marangon, Barbara Morandis and Ennio Pouchard.