In memory of Jan Krugier

01 June - 30 November 2011 | Venezia - Chiostro della Madonna dell'Orto

The Swiss art dealer Jan Krugier was a living legend. Deported to Auschwitz, the only survivor of the family murdered and his wife, Princess Marie Anne Poniatowski, has put together one of the largest private collections of drawings from the Renaissance to today. On the walls of his gallery in New York, were exposed to the works of the greatest of the twentieth century. Krugier was an exclusive agent for collection of Pablo Picasso on behalf of her daughter Marina. Has sold so many earned the nickname "Picasso man". 

"To reconcile the human race, - said - I turned to art." 
The post-war period saw him move to Zurich, where he studied art history and began to frequent the artistic circles European intellectuals of the fifties. Friend of Giacometti, he opened an art school in Paris, in the sixties the first venue in Geneva, which was followed by the inauguration of the successful New York branch.
Among the many works of Morandi treated, Giacometti, Bacon, Calder, Balthus, Matisse and Degas. In recent years, addressed his passion for photography and the new emerging art, without neglecting the historical periods and the art of non-European. 

Today, three years after his death, a tribute exhibition is made possible in Venice, thanks to the support of the Group euromobil, in the convent of Our Lady of the Garden, with works by artists he represented: Angels, Guarienti, Haas, Lellouche, Petlin , Poniatowska.