Horizons dream

24 January - 28 January 2008 | Bologna, Esprit Nouveau

curated by P. Daverio

ZOTTI” is a refined exhibition commemorating the recently deceased master Trieste. Curated by Philippe Daverio and Cristina Beltrami with the fundamental contribution of Euromobil Group exposure is an opportunity to admire some twenty paintings accompanied by a significant selection of archival documents. In fact, thanks to the availability of the widow, Brigitte Brand, it was possible to combine the paintings, photographs, diaries, notes, sketches ... highlighting the subtle transformation of the transition from idea to paint, in an unbreakable bond between art and life.
The atmosphere of the city of Zotti - Trieste, Naples, Venice - mingle with travel notes - Mexico, India, Burma, Africa - and the feelings of the artist in a painting evocative and enigmatic at the same time .
The original cut chosen by Davenport prefers three routes that belong historically to the Venetian culture in which he grew up and Zotti worked: the couple's relationship, the mutation and the anthropomorphic guilt complex.
The intimate aspect of the exhibition is enhanced by the choice of venue, the beautiful building de l'Esprit Nouveau, designed in 1925 by Le Corbusier at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris and, once dismantled, rebuilt in 1977 in Bologna. Colored walls, the spaces still intact in their original modernist house the works with the warmth of a private home.
Zotti is therefore an exhibition that reconciles with the mystery of painting.