Casa Mafai. Da via Cavour a Parigi 1925-1933

14 January - 20 March 2005 | Brescia, Museo di Santa Giulia

curated by F. D'Amico e M. Goldin

Are approximately thirty works, all enclosed in a short period of years. The exhibition tells the happiest moment of Mario Mafai, founder, with Scipio, Antonietta Raphaël Marino Mazzacurati the "Roman School", whose aim was to innovate and monumental archaic spirit of Italian official period. The tragic reality of those years, Mafai responds with a substantially painting animated by a strong existential, as is evident in the series of demolitions, the symbol of the crumbling of the very possibility of believing in an order governed. This vision is dark and silent in his painting but redeemed by a cleverly lyrical use of color.