By Romanino and Moretto to Ceruti. Treasures found in the Pinacoteca Martinengo

22 October 2005 - 19 March 2006 | Brescia, Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo

curated by Elena Lucchesi Ragni and Renata Stradiotti

Discover and rediscover through a cognitive process other "hidden treasures" and then increase the value of cultural, artistic and equity of the collection of paintings from the Pinacoteca and finally make the audience share is the purpose of this exhibition. Study, analyze and sometimes restore the works that make up this heritage has led to enhance both well-known works is to discover other less known, in addition to "new works" to those already presented in the exhibition From Raphael to Ceruti.The findings relate to artists such as Moretto (Italy, 1498-about 1554) which is attributed to the Christ carrying a large fresco of his youth, a work of extraordinary visual impact that is close correspondence with the best-known works of the artist as Brescia and John Battista Moroni (Albino, Bergamo about 1520 - Bergamo 1579) with two precious tablets with the Saints Faustino and Jovita new assignment and referred to his youth, before stored in warehouses. The four magnificent allegorical figures given for the first time the hand of Francesco Paglia will be some real discoveries for the public, now that they are also interpreted in their complex iconography. The identification of an ancient and noble origin or the recognition of the complex meanings of representations return new value to some works have been recognized as masterpieces: the case of the four large paintings by Rosa of Tivoli (Frankfurt am Main, around 1665 - Rome, 1706 ) and painted pendant by Luca Giordano (Naples, 1634 - 1705). In a special section of the study will be presented some paintings restored. The restoration of the altarpiece of San Nicola da Tolentino, signed in the central compartment by Vincenzo Civerchio and dated 1495, showed the safe collaboration of Francesco Napolitano, a Leonardo worked in Milan and made evident the hand of another artist yet to be identified; the cleaning operation in Christ Carrying the Romanino (Brescia, 1484/87 - 1560) emphasizes the values ??precaravaggesche of his painting. The current exhibition of the gallery, in which a new path provides adequate space and prominence to selected paintings and explained in the catalog, complete with a visit to some environments where collections are the most famous works of civic collections that can not be hidden in warehouses . We also present a group of works from the bound that the painter Gregorio Sciltian left to Vittoriale: a big scene Market of James Francis Cipper said Todeschini (Feldkirch, Austria 1664 - Milan 1736) and two paintings by Giacomo Ceruti (Milan, 1698 - 1767) with the two sisters and I bari, these are in addition to other works already in the Pinacoteca di Brescia, confirming that the museum is one of the few able to offer a large number of works of an author considered one of the leading exponents of the "great" painting of the early eighteenth-century Europe.