America! Painting Stories from the New World

24 November 2007 – 4 Mayo 2008 | Brescia Museo di Santa Giulia

curated by M. Goldin

"America! Painted Stories from the New World," intended to be a rigorous exploration of the myth of a long ancestry and still intact, said - since the days of solid unspoilt beauty of the wild west, all'incipit twentieth century - with over 300 masterpieces of American art from major museums across the ocean, which will be joined by international conferences of study and a series of insights into the history and American culture. An itinerary that will allow complex and multifaceted a profound rethinking of the controversial relationship between Europe and the United States, to overcome the aversion to the American giant that has been, and in part still is today - as well documented in a recent study by Andrei S . Markovits - a common thread in the history of our continent: a widespread attitude that allowed the Europeans a powerful emotional mobilization, feeding at the same time - to quote Hannah Arendt - "constant irritation and a traditional antipathy towards America, providing it with a diversity of such a nature as to render virtually impossible to understand. "