bruno donadel

Delving into the themes of the rural world in Donadel (Pieve di Soligo, 1929) does not respond to a realistic goal, and does not express a desire for documentation, but offers a reading of the peasant civilization somehow deeper, because accompanied by emotional echoes that this makes resound in the inner being of a protagonist, echoes that are capable of opening up significant loopholes on the anthropological and existential pasts. Bruno Donadel caters to the rural world with love and sadness at the same time, nostalgia and regret, apology and rebuke. His adherence to it is total and he knows to highlight the values of spontaneity, authenticity, closeness to nature, but he does not idealize it on the contrary he present it as a world rather harsh and controversial, of hard work, grim resignation, fatalistic closing. Its ethic is that of devotion to this way of life and at the same time of compassion for the suffering it contains. Having managed to express ambivalence about these feelings with a style effective and original is the merit of this artist and one of the reasons for his fame.