International contemporary
art fair

Bologna - Artefiera 2011

  Cultural activities promoted or supported by Euromobil Group are once again at the center of the installation "Places of art, the place of design." The installation, designed by Roberto Gobbo, stands as a place of rest and reflection within the swirling path Artefiera. On the walls of monitors allow visitors to see a short but meaningful movie which is communicated through the passion and spirit of the Group and its companies in the world of design and art. Enrich the space Euromobil Group, in addition to chairs KARA and LACOON, both of désirée, respectively designed by the famous designer Marc Sadler and the young Indian Jai Jalan, four authentic products of art: two tables and two carpets, designed by Mario Botta and Cleto Munari. About libraries that define "Places of art, the place of design" you can consult the book "Euromobil Group, an enterprise of design between art and sport", published by Skira, which traces the association of the industrial group veneto with the art world through more than 360 exhibitions supported and sponsored. For the duration of Artefiera "Art First", the installation becomes a meeting point for artists, critics and fans were welcomed by the Lucchetta brothers. " .