International contemporary
art fair

Bologna - Artefiera 2009

Is well-established presence in the exhibition center of the installation Artefiera "places the place of design art" created by Euromobil Group and this year entitled: "2009 square rolls." For his speech dedicated to the language of art and design, Euromobil requested the collaboration of the artist Alberto Biasi, Italian, undisputed protagonist of Art and Kinetic Art Program, founder in 1959 of the Group N. Through his work is invited to dialogue with the world of design. Some fragments divided between design complements and systems furniture home decontextualized, produced by Euromobil kitchens, furniture and Zalf Désirée sofas, companies belonging to the Group Euromobil are "crossed by a square rolling." The project aims to investigate how the "furniture" may itself not only on the visual and functional, but also, in particular, on the emotional and visceral. Protagonists of design are Marc Sadler, winner of the other three Compasso d'Oro, the same Roberto Gobbo, Roberto Semprini and young Edoardo Gherardi and Jai Jalan. For the duration of Artefiera "Art First" installation "art places the place of design" becomes a meeting point for artists, critics and fans were welcomed by the brothers Lucchetta.