DÉSIRÉE | New Company Showroom


The new Désirée company showroom covers a space of 900 square metres on one floor. The concept is to highlight the direct, and also physical, connection of the exhibition hall with the production site.

Hence the decision to create a high-tech industry mood, which is naturally reflected in the choice of the display and the style.

Its strong industrial appeal can be perceived in the choice of the wall and ceiling coverings, in pale grey lime, and in the design that keeps the load-bearing structure and the technical and technological equipment visible. For example, the curved ceiling elements and the system engineering become distinctive central features, thanks to skilful lighting design.

Light is entrusted with the task of combining the attributes that determine the identity of the design: enhancing the architectural structure, interpreting the exhibition setting, emphasising the design of the products on display, and the values of comfort associated with the brand.

A water-treated wooden floor has been installed on the ground to reflect Désirée's focus on natural materials. To achieve a dynamic effect of “controlled irregularity”, required to animate such a large surface, a pattern was defined for laying, in which planks of the same length in 4 different widths are alternated.

The Group’s interaction with the local area and its roots are, in this case, mediated by a backdrop of narrow, matt black aluminium strips, which includes plant elements while filtering the view to outdoors, without blocking the passage of natural light.

The Euromobil Group’s commitment to supporting art, culture and young people is reflected in all corporate decisions. In 2007, as the main sponsor of Arte Fiera Bologna the Euromobil Group promoted the first edition of the ‘Premio Internazionale Gruppo Euromobil under 30’ (Euromobil Group Under 30 International Award) reserved for young artists.

The award ran for twelve editions, from 2007 to 2018, and was awarded to young Italian and foreign artists who have achieved an important position in the art world.

The winning works from the 12 editions of the award are on display in the showroom, demonstrating the Group's commitment.

Alongside the novelties by Désirée in 2022, which confirm long-standing partnerships with famous designers such as Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Marc Sadler, Setsu and Shinobu Ito, and Jai Jalan, we can find some historical items. The exhibition is organised according to product islands and settings. The exhibition path ends with outdoor furniture for covered areas, symbolically identified by passing through an architrave portico.