"The Lucchetta brothers entered in cycling in 1983, but there are oldest photographs and daguerreotypes are almost witnessing an activity that could be defined after-work: employees of their industry cycled on Sundays and other holidays, for the love of the bicycle. Since then, the sponsorship of the family took two distinct ways, even though they both in the same direction, that aid to the sport, encouragement to sports: the first path, that of cycling, the other way, always in sports, is a path quite invented, a path that passes through many other disciplines, including football.

Today, with the same passion Euromobil Group continues to support the cycling team, which has always given great satisfaction by cutting the most important international goals and winning eight world titles. For some, cycling is a minority sport compared to competitive disciplines that seem to have greater visibility and spectacular, but the Lucchetta brothers still involved in it because it provides genuine emotions. The courage, the determination, the tenacity with which the cyclists demonstrate, are exemplary qualities and undeniable. In cycling, are expressed values of harmony and collaboration, which are of great significance for the Group, as also in the field of industrial competition success depends on teamwork, the ability to work together and feel all the protagonists of a major project common."

Giampaolo Ormezzano