Virgilio Guidi. All the lights

Virgilio Guidi. All the lights

JOHN granzotto and DINO MARANGON
Saturday, October 16, 2010, 19:00
Viale Zancanaro n. 44 SACILE (PN)
Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30 to 12:30 / 16:00 to 7:30 p.m.

Main points of reference for all artists working in Venice in the twentieth century, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1911 and began to exhibit in '13, this time joined the Roman Secession and participates in the activity of Plastic Values and Italian Novecento. From 1920 to 1964 he participated in almost all the editions of the Venice Biennale, the city where he moved in 1927 and where he is called to the Chair of Painting at the Academy, a position he held for life, except for a period in which he moved to Bologna. Its activities are varied and impressive and expands the most faithful to figurative bolder spatialism, has been honored with awards most coveted by all artists and his works are held in the collections and in the most prestigious museums.
< br /> Art Studio G.R. pays tribute to Virgilio Guidi presenting an exhibition that brings together essays art pieces produced during a career spanning almost a century. The exhibition will be at the offices of Studio GR in Viale Zancanaro n. 44 from 17 October 2010. Will be presented in all about thirty-five works through the various stages of the creative teacher, the Marine and figures made from the 20s until the 80s, through the works of the '50s Space up experiments in light of the last period. The show follows an exhibition arranged by subject in chronological layout that places particular emphasis on the changing and complex relationship Guidi with light and emphasizes the development through a continuous comparison between the same theme painted in different periods.

An elegant catalog published by Edizioni Il Cigno GG contains illustrations of all the works on display with additions of other works which have no place in the exhibition rooms. The same will be accompanied by two essays by the curators compounds individually, Prof. John Granzotto and Prof. Dino Marangon, introducing a correct reading of the production of the master. Are also published by critics by Ennio Pouchard, Maria Lucia Fabio and Alberto Pasini.

The exhibition will remain open until 30 December 2010. The editors have Granzotto John and Dino Marangon.

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