The Euromobil Group as main at Artefiera | Art First

The Euromobil Group as main at Artefiera | Art First

Prize Group Euromobil under 30 Seventh Edition
Bologna Arte Fiera Art First, 25 - 28 January 2013
Award ceremony: Saturday, January 26, 2013 16.00 Into Euromobil Group, a leader in the production of systems and furnishings, is next to Artefiera International Fair of Contemporary Art, also in the edition 2013. And 'in fact the main sponsor for seven editions in parallel and promotes the "Premio Euromobil group under 30", an important recognition reserved for an artist under 30, this, with one of his works in galleries exhibiting at Artefiera.
It is a purchase prize which will be awarded by a jury of experts and owners of the Group has always been attentive to the suggestions and innovations that come from contemporary art. He won the 2012 edition of the Prize Nebojša DespotoviÄ ‡ while previous editions have been the prerogative of: 5th edition of the Italian artist Libyan Adelita Husni-Bey, 4th Edition English Rob Sherwood, 3rd edition, the German artist Lars Teichmann 2nd edition of the Italian Paolo Maggis and 1st edition artist Jakub Nepraš the Czech Republic
The award ceremony of the seventh edition will take place Saturday, January 26 to 16, in Hall 25 Space Group Euromobil "the art Places, Places of design." The jury will be composed as follows: Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta, owners of the Group Euromobil and art collectors, Giorgio Verzotti and Claudio Spadoni, artistic direction of ArteFiera, Beatrice Buscaroli art critic Aldo Colonetti Scientific Director IED, Cleto Munari designer. Secretary of the Jury architect Roberto Gobbo.
In the installation "The Place of Art, Places of Design" Euromobil Group, designed by Roberto Gobbo in collaboration with the study of communication BAM, ten totem theme arranged in a strict orthogonal layout, tell an articulate and complete the ' important project of the Group in the Venetian art world. Over four exhibitions supported, promoted, sponsored so far in an extraordinary journey that has touched among other things some of the most prestigious museums in the world.
Always within the installation will be remembered, in addition to past editions of the "prize Euromobil group under 30", the most recent experiences: the great exhibitions at the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza, Raphael to Picasso, Pasolini and Zigaina the Guardini Foundation in Berlin, Alessandro Verdi in Milan and association Mudima all'Hamburgher Bahnhof in Berlin, Drive to Villa Contarini and Zotti Museum Santa Caterina di Treviso.
Some products belonging to the Group's latest collections offer visitors the opportunities to exchange ideas and relax.
For the duration of ArteFiera, installation will be a meeting point for artists, critics and fans were welcomed by the brothers Lucchetta. Into Information: Euromobil Group - Eleonora Antoniazzi tel. 0438.9861 Into Press Euromobil
Studio ESSECI - Sergio Campagnolo tel. 049.663499

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