Paris. The wonderful years Impressionism versus Salon Rimini, Castel Sismondo

Paris. The wonderful years Impressionism versus Salon Rimini, Castel Sismondo

Rimini really like
+ 30% in bookings exhibitions
and 70% also book San Marino

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It 's true that the numbers are not everything, but certainly a bit' count. For this Shadow-line and the Foundation Cassa di Rimini is an atmosphere, if not euphoria, some remarkable, self-satisfaction. Climate that has plagued the brothers Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta that with their Euromobil Group decided to bet on this additional effort by Marco Goldin.
The more data that are all positively valued are those percentages. Compared to last year (remember that in Castel Sismondo was an exhibition "From Rembrandt to Gauguin and Picasso. The magic of painting. Masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston," which closed at an altitude of 190,000 visitors), reservations for "Paris . Years wonderful. Impressionism versus Salon "mark an increase of 30%, and exceeded 22 000. And while this would be cause for satisfaction.
But what is more positively evaluated are the first responses to the "formula Rimini".
As you recall, The Shadow Line and the Foundation have decided to add a second exposure to the main exhibition, which was also set up in Castel Sigismondo, the Malatesta of Rimini. This is a dossier exhibition entitled "Caravaggio and other painters of the seventeenth century. Masterpieces from the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford." From what is the oldest museum in America, Marco Goldin, that the whole operation is the creator, director and curator, wanted to get to Italy a selection of fourteen paintings, all of large size, to be attached to the absolute masterpiece is "The Ecstasy of St. Francis" by Caravaggio. Are fundamental works of the Baroque in Europe: Cigoli, Moray, Gentileschi, Strozzi, Saracens' s Italy. Influence in Spain Zurbarán, with one of his most recognized works, the St. Serapion of 1628, a fascinating picture that reveals the close connection existing seventeenth-century Spanish art, including sculpture and painting. The way in which the saint is portrayed is in fact extremely realistic, to the point that it almost has the impression of being able to touch.
And then Ribera, with his The sense of taste, about 1614-1616, which reveals a clear link with the naturalism and chiaroscuro of Caravaggio. So, Le Sueur in France and the Flemish and Dutch school with Sweets, Van Dyck and Hals, the leading portraitist of Haarlem in the second quarter of the seventeenth century, with the portrait of Joseph Coymans.
The quality of this exhibition has also convinced the audience: 95% of those who have already booked to admire the gigantic "clash" between the great performers of Impressionism and those of the Salon, chose to accompany the main exhibition also that of Caravaggio and seventeenth centuries, a fact that is almost unanimous.
Note that all this public also available, free of charge, always in paths of Castel Sismondo, a number of other shows anything but "minor." From "Gianquinto. Rare Works 1959-2003", which will remain open until 8 December 2010, followed by "Nunziante. Since Caravaggio" (from December 11 to January 30, 2011) and "Ciarrocchi. Selected Works" ( from February 5 to March 27, 2011).
The figure but was concerned as the most anticipated exhibitions Rimini would manifest the power to tow another operation tested the first time on this occasion. The reference is to the parallel exhibition "Monet, Cézanne, Renoir and other stories of painting in France" proposal in the Republic of San Marino, Palazzo Sums, in the same time span of two major exhibitions in Rimini, ie from 23 October 2010 to 27 March 2011 . The data, once again, are actually very promising: 70% of those who booked Rimini has chosen to add San Marino, thus confirming the acceptance of a territorial system of great interest. The objective of this axis is also to make known to the large public exhibitions of this magnificent area, from the city and the sea salt to the Titan, with gentle landscapes, castles, small villages to discover.
With the caution that, even in the presence of data objectively really exciting, should never be lost, Goldin does not hide his satisfaction. Are given, clarifies, reservations that, in almost all, refer to "organized public", that is, groups which, of course, need to select the dates in time to be included in their programs. As they grow, they must be studied trends of individual visitors who, as usual, difficult to book their visit in advance so large. The test, however, gives you the confidence that this new bet Rimini, if it can not be considered already won, some will livec with a great enthusiasm.

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