Euromobil Group, with Euromobil kitchens and furniture Zalf strong> span>, furnishes the " Oversea Building strong>" presented in the exhibition "Architetture d'Interni", Abitare il Tempo 2010 - Verona strong>, a real story sustainable Ghirardon Group of Chioggia - Venice.
In the words of Arch. Micheli, editor of the architectural and interior design, the meaning of the work: "This is a building that overlooks the sea with a totemic profile. It is a piece of matter that will become a true icon, linked to the size of eco-friendly, able to become a symbol for the future of architectural practice. Span> /> It a special case anarchic real brought within at Abitare il Tempo 2010 for significant fragments ........... " span> /> The building is extremely essential formal traits, characterized by fluid geometries and Whether composition full of energy, articulates its upward motion over 6 floors of 2500 square meters. span> /> Plurimi-rings balconies, together with a large picture-fifth in photovoltaic characterize the perceptual sense of this architectural ensemble. Rigorous internal, clean and full of emotion will complement the dynamic expressive features. Everything in this three-dimensional cross-section, talk about sustainability, achieving a coherent intelligent as a result of merger between a functional, performance and aesthetics. The perfect harmony between the exterior and the interior space of this set makes building a "post-organic" able to speak a consistent language between inside and outside, capable of making the invisible line between the scope involucrato and enveloping. " Oversea Building strong>" is a synthesis of material that expresses a firm voice belonging to the "future, next, ventura" contemporaneity, is an architecture that leads in and out of if many stories that allow to belong to the new network will be. " span> /> The special care of the finish, the high-tech manufacturing, the emotion of design and attention to eco-sustainability did fall the choice of Euromobi strong> for the construction of the kitchen and Zalf strong> for dressing designed specifically for the occasion by the architect. Simone Micheli. Span>