MILAN 23/03/2011

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Euromobil Group and Simone Micheli, Wednesday March 23rd, 2011 at Triennale Palace, Salone d’Onore, present a new project for contemporary house, distinctive and important, called “IT-IS kitchen, living e relax”.
The project is a bright and lively spark triggered between the vibrant intellectual creativity of the architect and design teacher Simone Micheli and atavistic passion of Lucchetta Brothers to be able to live the vortex of ideas translating them wisely into real and concrete emotions for the home.
The architect Simone Micheli defines IT-IS as: "an iconic set of essential geometries which transcend the stereotype".
IT-IS is, for Lucchetta brothers, the kitchen able to continue the exclusive and original philosophy of "Living and Cooking" that for years Euromobil Kitchens proposed at international level , a project-product involving the two other prestigious brands of the Group Euromobil: Désirée sofas and Zalf furniture.
La Triennale, important Milan's Palace and in particular, for the Lucchetta brothers "natural space", as used in the special relationship between business, design, art and culture pursued for many years, it has been also the ideal stage for the original creations of the talented and award-winning chef Cristian Mometti, the world number one in the technique of “vasocottura”.
In this occasion "Vasocottura" has been officially presented, it is the first book in the world that faces at 360° this particular method of cooking: the volume was made with the assistance of Euromobil Group.