Gruppo Euromobil arreda “Space for Life” progetto di Marco Piva

al Made Expo - Green Home Design 2012

Euromobil Group, with its companies Euromobil kitchens, furniture Zalf Désirée sofas and presented the furniture of the house held at Green Home Design, Made in the Expo exhibition "Space for Life" project by Marco Piva.
Euromobil Group, attentive to the complex evolution of the global scene, with projects Total Home Design and Living and Cooking, proposed products for all areas of the home that meet the needs of contemporary living.
Replies design 100% Made in Italy, thanks to the implementation of new technologies and innovative materials, intended to remain in time for technical and aesthetic qualities.
The new collections, fully consistent with sustainability issues also in the production process, consist of a wide range of solutions and basic modules to fit any space, even small size and integrated over time in relation to changing user needs. < br /> Glass and aluminum, wood material and thermostructured TSS form a material palette color-coordinated and inserted in harmony in the different rooms of the house.
List of exhibits:
KUBIC design R & D Euromobil, Roberto Gobbo and Edoardo Gherardi
Project that has a continuous dialogue between past and future, values ??are linked to the matter and to new technologies, which features all the naturalness and brightness of the glass combined with aluminum front and panels. The front wing will be cut to 30 degrees integrated with the curve of the throat, horizontal bases and vertical columns. The colors of the facades matt and glossy optic white, hemp, mist, flint and absolute black are coordinated with groove and plinth. PAK Panelling "L" that contains the island bases, designed to separate the area of ??food preparation from the dining area and more generally from the living. It works both free and integrated with the plans of the table
HORIZON design and R & D Euromobil Roberto Gobbo
Paneling system with horizontal rack, wood and lacquered with coordinated colors and finishings Kubic. The shelves are 12 mm thick. The large modular panels in two depths (40 and 65 mm) enables different interpretations design for both the kitchen and the living room. In particular, on some panels in AISI 430 stainless steel and black metal may be several accessories made of steel and wood with magnet personalized according to the functional and aesthetic needs. P>

E 45 R & D design Euromobil and Roberto Gobbo
Wall units in wood and lacquer, with coordinated colors and finishings Kubic. Front, sides and edges of the union structure are 45 °. The closed element is presented as a monolith, pure and essential that you do not see leaks union. Can be positioned anywhere in the wall, giving rise to solutions of particular charm and appeal.
CUBODIECI design and R & D Euromobil Roberto Gobbo
This open systems coordinated with the Horizon and E 45. The structure, thickness of 10 mm, is united to 45 °. Have an internal divider, fixed or mobile, thanks to the use of innovative guides magnet can be placed at will to take full advantage of the space. P>

New finishes with warm and taste like material thermostructured TSS, obtained with the latest technology, in versions Natural Wood, Grey Wood, Brown Wood and the new color Selce, matching finishes, and are compatible with kitchens Euromobil. Major upgrades to the library Link System, more creative and colorful, be composed in total freedom with the ability to have the shoulder with a pitch of up to 180 cm, the inclusion of dividers allows you to get the original geometry. G45 wall units to be placed freely and creatively wall, offered with exclusive finishes and colors. Original and new solutions children, more and more multi-functional, such as organized and tidy wardrobe sight and wall units per day Unoeotto, elegant and refined, that will produce pleasant shapes and colors. The area dedicated to night is completed with the rich and new finishes submitted for the cabinets with swing door systems, sliding and coplanar.
Désirée p>

Glow In sofa designed by Marc Sadler, who proposes a new way of living everyday. E 'consists of elements, including large, customized freely with cushions and armrests at all times of the day depending on your needs.
Among the innovations also the chair of One Flo Edoardo Gherardi, sinuous lines inspired by the floral world.
In the bedroom the bed with headboard Chance of Marc Sadler protagonist thanks to capitonnè, fully removable via press studs. It 'available in three widths with provision of support surfaces to the greatest extent. P>

October 2012