Eurocucina 2008

Milan April 2008

La casa del design

Euromobil is proud to present the new products 2008 in a display area of 650 square meters, in Hall 18. Five compositions including new proposals and existing products recently updated. Multisystem and Filo Project concern four of the five compositions. Tabula, Filanta, Alineal and Filotabula are the models that include three colors of lacquer and two types of wood: brushed pine veneer in three colors, white, moka, honey and innovative essence veneered walnut. The systems are also characterized by modularity and types of open innovation, high technology and functionality. The exhibition is accompanied by a new proposal: ProgettoE25, ASSIM model. Featuring a thickness.25 mm. door presented here in two versions: white lacquered (same tone of color acrylic stone) and composit veneer walnut wood with “grip” handle, carved in door thickness. The E25 Project is developed with a modular specification that allows to exploit and use to its maximum potential supported by traditional opening systems together with traditional technologies, tall units and wall units with coplanar opening system and baskets with electronic opening system "Sensotronic". On a stylistic level the projects, with slogan “Living & Cooking” in advertising, offers rigorous, linear and elegant solutions without giving up to functionality and ease of use. At the same time, thanks to Multisystem Project and Filo Project, unique design concepts in the sector, the Euromobil kitchen systems provides composition flexibility according to taste, making it possible to combine different types of frontal structures and different handles. And provide accessibility that allows to define projects according to planned investment project. In the center of the display area, in an institutional space, Euromobil presents an installation dedicated to the languages of art and design. Fabrizio Plessi, undisputed protagonist of contemporary art, with the work WATERFIRE dialogues with the world of design using as "ideal frame" two pieces of kitchen decontextualized which contain the theme of water in a sink and the theme of fire inside a hob, both design Euromobil. Once again, then, design and art as philosophy behind Euromobil company’s decisions of great success.