Eurocucina 2006

Milan April 2006

Quality of design multiplied infinitely

Euromobil Group presents the "Saloni" in Milan after an intense period of renewal and enrichment of the proposals, based on criteria of modularity integral absolute versatility and intense focus on design theme. It is, therefore, fully justified the spread of the expectations that have grown between sector operators. The exhibition Euromobil in Eurocucina and the Zalf and Désirée at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile confirm the position reached by the companies in the international production scene, and the value of products that effectively interpret the request of markets and new consumers. Euromobil presents additional scenarios, so far unpublished, of the potential of the Multisystem Project, together with evocative anticipation that show future developments of the program in terms of functionality and design. Zalf shows the evolution of a wide range of systems and collections that defines with increasing precision their rel: the young couple or the single that furnish night and day spaces in their first house and the bedrooms of children and boys. Désirée is integrated with Group's proposals with creations that enlarge a collection of upholstered furniture for growing and diversifying. The architecture of the exhibition space with the latest solutions interprets the taste of the contemporary. As always, special attention is paid to communication, with important innovations both on paper and in the multimedia field, through new tools that illustrate the products with great efficiency.