All you need is light

Milan April 2007

The Ideal Light is that of the Forest

A light that moves, which is constantly changing and changeable. The sunrise, noon, sunset, find their the sign of identity in mutability. The project wants to put in the middle of the exhibition the light as a language that defines, designs and gives meaning to architecture and domestic spaces, reversing the traditional relationship between light and living space. It 's the light that draws the space and define the phases of the day, an ever-changing light, mutable but natural. A large cylinder of 4 meters diameter reproduces the different phases of the day expressing in this way the changing intensity of light from sunrise to sunset, linked to them. Around this cylinder, the three architects’ interpretations develop: a large space where, through different languages and different interpretations, designers express the perception that each of them has of light as a vital element. Different but similar in quality and expression, the three architects develop the same number of domestic spaces creating a dialogue between light and concept of living space. Light, but also the way to communicate with it, together with the choice of objects related to their memory, are the expression of their understanding of the philosophy of living space: therefore a kind of self-portrait. The great corridor, which serves as installations’ lobby, has been designed to accommodate aspects, elements, structures linked to architecture and building: high-impact images that give visual perception of the approach from the city to one’s house, all expressed through architecture. The exhibition, on the initiative of Ottagono and BolognaFiere, wants to be a contribution to the importance of light as a definition of architectural spaces.