Abitare il Tempo 2009


With the help of Euromobil Group takes place during the next edition of Abitare il Tempo in Verona 17 to 21 September 2009, the exhibition Cleto Munari: I Magnifici 7. The next great task of Cleto Munari, has always been involved in the search for "difference" in the design world, is to have brought together internationally celebrated personalities, different sensitivity and creative career paths, free from any obligation expressive but united by a single project: "IL TAVOLO". Interviewed on because of a table, Munari says: "because the table is the place where people meet to discuss and feasting in dialogue with the excuse pleasant good food and good drink." That's why being the "seven tables and seven creative" is the title that I have found is nicely appropriate Cleto Munari: I Magnifici 7. In the large exhibition Abitare il Tempo, edited by Elvilino Zangrandi, "seven" are the rooms where these items of "special design" are presented. " I Magnifici 7" are: Lawrence Ferlinghetti - poet, Mark Strand - poet, Sandro Chia - artist Mimmo Paladino - artist, Mario Botta - architect Alessandro Mendini - architect, Cleto Munari - editor. The tables are produced by: Cleto Munari Design Associates. By attending this event, the Group Euromobil brothers Antonio, Fiorenzo, Gaspare and Giancarlo Lucchetta wants, on the one hand, turn to those who love the contemporary, knows better grasp the new, the freshness, the stimuli of solid proposals Euromobil kitchens , Zalf Desiree furniture and sofas. On the other hand, the Group wants to live the whirlwind of ideas, proposals and emotions suggested by poets, artists, architects and designers of international fame in the exhibition, to draw those suggestions that have always provided the creations of the Group's new ideas, new ideas, new paradigms.