Discover "GROW WITH US: YOUNG SOLUTION", the new and rich catalog of Zalf

"GROW WITH US: YOUNG SOLUTION" is a new and rich catalog of Zalf dedicated to the world of children, boys and girls. A large volume of 364 pages that presents endless design possibilities, with original ideas and functional solutions for those who like "beautiful and accessible things".

The catalog, packed with environmentally friendly paper, is accompanied by images coordinates with an innovative video made in stop motion (a technique where inanimate objects come to life through movements recorded) to tell the design concept "Grow with us" with a unique and distinctive communication.

In the second part of the catalog, the wide range of systems and furnishings, broken down by function, enhances the values and quality of projects for their own personal style.

Finally, the last section dedicated to the great universe Zalf, design Made in Italy, which allows the decoration of the entire house and the working environment through the four projects Young Solution, Living Solution, Night Solution and Office Solution.