Design talks: Jorrit Tonquist talks about your art

Salone del Mobile 2016: Jorrit Tonquist made an installation "site specific" for Gruppo Euromobil.

"I was very happy to accept the invitation to participate in the Fiera del Mobile, because I like to switch between different environments. This event is not an art fair. Its visitors are, so to speak, normal people. They do not arrive with a preconception about art. They come to see pieces of furniture and then they notice the colours around them.
This is somehow like a test for me, to see if my message can be understood by an audience who does not have specific expectations.
If I walk on a lawn, the green is like a background noise that does not really grab my attention. When I see a flower, then I feel attracted by it. In my opinion, a painting should be something that attracts, that makes you forget everything else around you, so that you can focus on it. Therefore I do not need an audience of experts, this concept should work with anyone. If it does not work, it means that I did not find the archetype within us with my message. This is what I am interested in.

At the Fiera del Mobile I will present some paintings, which are part of the collection of the Lucchetta brothers, and also a creation I made with 4 diagonal colours. Orthogonal is what relates to my orientation: in front, behind, right and left. A compass always shows 4 coordinates, related to my skeleton. Our perception, our knowledge relates to our senses, to our structure. Everything else is defined as the middle way, the diagonal. I chose these colours, but with the resulting overlapping, with all the movements, they mix so that the 4 diagonal colours create many more colours. Like a coloured forest.  Like an orientation issue, like a system in action. When I was studying architecture, I did some research on orientation. I had nothing to do with art. Then, by pure chance, I met a museum director and he told me: “you are an artist, you should exhibit in a museum”.  I never really know if I am a true artist. I do what I like, what interests me. I like a world full of colour, I enjoy everything that is alive and colourful."