Creative Perception in the North East, Kinetic and Op Art Collection

Creative Perception in the North East, Kinetic and Op Art Collection

Exhibition curated by Giovanni Granzotto and Dino Marangon,
organized by the Vittorio Veneto Municipality  
devised by Duilio Dal Fabbro in collaboration with Studio GR – Sacile

with a contribution from Gruppo Euromobil and Banca Prealpi

Palazzo Todesco, Serravalle, Vittorio Veneto

From 3 May to 6 July 2014 Palazzo Todesco will host an exhibition named Creative Perception in the North East, Kinetic and Op Art Collection, curated by Giovanni Granzotto and Dino Marangon, devised and organized by Duilio Dal Fabbro.


This exhibition is designed to increase public awareness of the contribution made by the art-loving and farsighted Lucchetta brothers, who as sensitive collectors, but also and above all as supporters, have assisted the recovery of Kinetic and Op Art.  Here people can admire important works by masters of the movement and through the experience of collectors who began acquiring art of this type over fifteen years ago, and retrace the true story of renewed interest by critics and buyers for the art season known as “the last avant garde”.

Creative perception in the North East will start its itinerary among the masterpieces of Vasarely, Munari and Morellet, the masters who at the beginning of the 50s trail-blazed what would become the kinetic and op art movement of 1958-59 in France and Northern Italy, with the Paris GRAV and Alberto Biasi and the Gruppo N in north east Italy.


The exhibition will continue with masterpieces by Demarco, Garcia Rossi, Le Parc, Sobrino, Stein, Yvaral and Biasi, Chiggio, Costa, Landi and Massironi, Alviani, Finzi and Ormenese, to name just a few, on a visual route of around 80 works that witness the importance of private collectors in recovering this art movement.

It is a revival that began and mostly continued in the north east of Italy, where it found nourishment in the province of Treviso, and now in the magnificent Palazzo Todesco returns to its origins to reconstruct its history.


A catalogue will be published for the exhibition (De Bastiani Editore) containing reproductions of all the works on show and reviews by Giovanni Granzotto, Dino Marangon, Lorena Gava, Alberto Pasini and Michele Beraldo.


Exhibition venue:

Palazzo Todesco

Piazza Flaminio, Serravalle, Vittorio Veneto



Saturday 3 May, 6.30 p.m.


3 May to 6 July 2014


10.00 -12.00 a.m. | 4.00 -7.00 p.m. public holidays and days preceding holidays

4.00 – 7.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday

Admission free

Information: | 329.4246248