House Organ

House Organ "La Pialla"

"La Pialla", published by Euromobil Group from 1974 to 1984 and produced by communication agency PIMEX in Padova, represented a way to communicate company's initiatives and the development of products to suppliers, retailers and to the end-customers. It was primarily a tool to reach the sale-point. "La Pialla", was not only a collection for tabular advertising or editorial on products, but also represented the mood of the times and the issues related to the production line. Another unique thematic area within “La Pialla” was the page dedicated to musicology, which later had been substituted by lessons of art-history, by the section “Saper Vedere” ("Being able to see") and by profiles of the artists that the Euromobil Group promoted. The opening to musicology, as well as art, demonstrates the Group's desire to transmit culture at three hundred and sixty degrees.