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We can provide whatever material you want for your kitchen, we have the right material for each style and any budget. There are those crafted by hand with valuable wood and lacquered finishes; more industrial ones like termostrutturati and polymers; environmentally friendly ones like eco-malta and ecolaccati, because kitchen furniture is more attractive if it is respectful of the world.

Fusion finish

Fusion lacquered finish with a metal effect, achieved by six manual operations on each side. The result is a unique surface with a wow factor in the multi-coloured effects it creates. Fusion comes with copper, oxidized or plumb lacquered finish.

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TSS Imprimé

TSS Imprimé is the most advanced product of Euromobil research: a material with a perfect malta effect and a striking relief effect. The extremely attractive TSS Imprimé is also robust; it has the best durability in the industry and, even better, is incomparably affordable.


Highly textured wood, of great quality with natural finishes that exalt the beauty of the grain, knots and special hand planed effect. Touch and appearance is typical of well-worn wood, specially processed when used for work tops.Euromobil offers twenty six wood finishes.


An excellent material, extremely robust and infinitely recyclable, it is always perfectly hygienic. Toughened glass has up to five times more mechanical resistance than ordinary glass.

Inox Steel

100% recyclable designer material with outstanding strength. AISI 304 stainless steel is brushed and treated to be fingerprint proof.


  • Great adaptability
    Material suitable for any kind of surface or backing, old or new, flat or curved, vertical or horizontal. Produced by qualified experts.
  • 100% ecological
    Ecomalta uses non-toxic water-based paints, it does not develop harmful gas and is free of hydraulic binders, cement, lime, chalk and epoxy resins. Entirely recyclable.
  • Strength and durability
    Indestructible surfaces, resistant to dirt and stains, hygienic and practical to clean as well as easily repairable.
  • Unique flexibility
    The material is applied with new continuous surface decoration methods, and is the most flexible ever produced.
  • Waterproof
    Waterproof but permeable by steam molecules throughout its thickness, providing natural breathability.
  • Six hand applied coats
    To ensure perfection and guarantee a safe reliable product six applications are made entirely by hand.


Lacquered items are lively and fantastic to touch. Matt lacquering is textured whereas glossy lacquering has a brushed finish which also includes the edges. It has four coats of paint with a final grammage of 240 g. per side. Euromobil offers a wide range of matt and glossy colours.

  • 120 Gr/Mq matt
  • 240 Gr/Mq glossy


  • Health protection
    Safeguarding the health of those who produce furniture and those who live with it every day.
  • Environmental protection
    Water-based paint reduces the emission of polluting solvents, known as VOC (volatile organic compounds) by 95%.
  • 120 gr/mq 120 g/m2 water-based paint
    Silk finish matt ecolaccato with twin component water-based paint. Panels are finished on all sides with final grammage of 120 g/m2.
  • Soft finish, R1 panel edge
    Water-based paint is used for a matt finish that’s silky soft. 22mm thick wood panel faced on 2 sides, R1mm ABS edge on four sides.
  • Objective juniors
    UNI EN 71-3 standards regulate the use of paints on materials that may come into contact with children’s mouths.
  • Catas certification of excellent duration
    Technologically advanced finishes that do not yellow over time and have excellent resistance to scratches. Reliability is guaranteed by authorized body Catas.


Thermostructured are robust, scratchproof, easy to clean and extremely durable. Unaltered by water and humidity, they give an exclusive textured wood effect on both sides of the door. Thermostructured TSS, NT (natural texture) and melamine techno are the result of extraordinary research. Mat-plus polymers have super matt surfaces and a velvety touch. Special protective treatment and cut-safe internal edges are unique quality processes.

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