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The kitchen of the future:
an object of great aesthetic value


The portal is completed by 15 cm Side Unit
elements the insides of which are
provided with convenient pull-out equipped


The power of the 8 mm thick full effect stainless steel,
the beautiful glass back panel and the functionality
of the innovative Gap equipped channel


Cabinet Kitchen
A real kitchen with two versions, complete with Side Unit elements from the Arte kitchen.
Cabinet door hides away in the side of the structure for total accessibility.


Marco Piva

Marco Piva, graduated from the Politecnico of Milan, was a founding member of Studiodada Associates,
one of the most well-known design studios of the period of Radical Design. He operates in Italy and
abroad for architectural, interior and industrial design. From 1987 to 1990 he was a member of the
Presidential Board of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design. In 1987 he founded IDA,
International Design Agency, Italian interface for a World Design Network ...



The Satin finish simulates the effect of brushed steel.
High tech processing alternated with manual stages gives a steel effect surface which
has the warmth of wood to the touch.

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