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Exclusive texture for "laminato Imprimé" smoke:
durable, robust, easy to clean,
with exceptional anti-scratch powers.

Simplicity, functionality and durability, the worktop in ecomalta with
edge that hits for its tactile pleasure and the elegant aesthetics.

Ecomalta cachemere 45°

Ecomalta Fumo di Londra

Dekton is an innovative ultra compact surface created from a special
mix of raw materials: glass, latest generation porcelain materiali and
quartz surface. Dekton is produced using exclusive “pst” technology
(particle sintering technology), a process that accelerates the
metamorphic alteration to which natural stone is subjected over
millennia under high pressure at high temperature. Pst technology
synthesizes some of the most advanced technological processes in
an entirely innovative way. An evolution which leaves the known
world to make a technological and industrial leap that can generate
a new process, a revolutionary material and a leading product.
Electronic microscopic analysis used to check absence of porosity
in the material as a result of the sintering process and ultracompacting
exclusive to dekton. The absence of porosity and of faults that can
cause weak points or strain is the unique feature of dekton.

Fenix, Unicolor, Combi5: Surfaces designed for maximum
performance that change the kitchen’s look.

Top “Inclina” 20 mm
Snack top Olmo cortex NT 75 mm

Top “Inclina” Fenix bianco Alaska 20 mm

Combi5 top Unicolor white
TSS brown wood 20 mm

Top Unicolor white dax 20/75 mm

The slabs consist in a mixture of quartz and max. 5% – 7% acrylic resins
that offer remarkable advantages together with extraordinary practicality of use.
The tops are resilient, compact and particularly impact–resistant; quartz slabs
are also very homogeneous, completely water–resistant, resistant to abrasions
and to various chemical agents, to sudden changes in temperature and very
hygienic and antistatic (they do not attract dust). Quartz tops resist to very
high temperatures hot pots, pans, irons, hotplates or coffee perculators,
can not be placed on top of them. there may be differences in colour between
one top and another, especially if ordered at different moments in time.

photo: quartz raven sand 20 mm

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