Zero Impact Leather

Actively committed for over 10 years to eco-friendly production processes, the tannery Dani
has developed, together with Désirée, the first zero impact leather, combining a passion
for leather with the love for Planet Earth.



Zero Impact was born thanks to the common wish of Dani and its partners to develop a project that is able to express shared values of sustainability. Among these the environmental aspects play a major role, to which is associated the engagement in terms of innovation, quality and 100% made in Italy.

Désirée, enthusiastic protagonist of the project, is now presenting its collection made with Dani’s Zero Impact leather. As a result of over 10 years of research in Dani, the Zero Impact leather is chrome free and heavy metal free complying with the specification ISO 15987, which requires that the sum of all the heavy metal contained in the leather must not exceed the 0,1%. To reach the total compensation of the CO2 produced, Dani is involved in a program of reforestation that isinternationally certified.

The Zero Impact Leather:
• is FOC (Free of Chrome)
• is HEAVY METAL FREE, following the normISO 15987 (it requires that the sum of the metalscontained in the leather is below 0.1%)
• has lowered our CO2 emissions by -5%
• has the BALANCE between the emissionsof CO2 and the activities done to reduceit is EQUAL TO ZERO

The Kyoto Protocol recognized in the reforestation one of the actions able to contrast the climatic change, next to the reduction of emissions. The reforestation project offers the possibility to bring the emissions to ZERO, released during the production activities, generating carbon credits (VER - Verified Emissions reductions). The achievement of quota zero is also made possible thanks to Dani’s investments in renewable energy and in technologies for the reduction of the consumption of natural resources in the productioncycles.

Zero Impact

To care for cushions rotate their position from time to time. This should be done both to seat and back cushions (where possible) as it will ensure uniform softening of the cushions. Polyurethane cushions provide maximum comfort after two months of use due to the settling of the various components of the padding. Down-filled cushions should be regularly plumped and aired to loosen the material and enable it to absorb as much air as possible.

To clean timber parts dampen a cloth with methylated spirits diluted in water. Do not use products containing solvents. Dry immediately with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Use specific cleaners for routine care of other materials. Avoid products containing solvents and abrasive detergents. Always use a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Leather is a natural product which retains certain of its original aspects even after manufacturing, without affecting strength, durability and quality. Top quality grain leathers, which are aniline-dyed to preserve their natural breathing ability, may contain small surface imperfections such as scars, lines, wrinkles and variable shine and tone. These are signs of a treatment process which has preserved the natural features of the leather without recourse to artificial coverage of pores and are therefore a guarantee of the natural quality of our products. For normal cleaning of leather use a white, soft, nonabrasive cloth which has been slightly dampened.Accidental spillage of liquids or other substances should be cleaned up immediately by dabbing gently with a damp sponge until completely removed. Do not rub vigorously. In the case of persistent stains, use leather cleaning products. Do not use solvents or methylated spirits.

Zero Impact