Advanced technologies
in every detail


In the early seventies, when the Euromobil factory that still houses the company was acquired, to go from a craft organization to an industrial one was a great leap ahead that brought numerous sacrifices with it, as well as structural, organisational and cultural changes. The Lucchetta brothers had to go from producing locally to interacting with suppliers of materials and equipment from all over Italy and abroad.

This meant setting up a precise logic for production and order management. In the years during which the production process was structured, the Gruppo Euromobil also went for certification: in 1998 it acquired UNI EN ISO 9001 and in the year 2000 Vision 2000. Certification was not just an instrument for achieving international production standards, but also a means for cultural growth at all levels. Our certification refers to all sectors of our production activities: from materials quality to the production cycle, from installation to after sales service, but also relating to European standards regarding sustainability and sales on international markets.


In 1996 Gruppo Euromobil S.p.A. acquired certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001 European standards. These standards regulate, control and check all company processes, both in-house and outsourced: design, supplies, order management, materials purchasing, production processes, coordination of suppliers and management of special processes such as edging, painting and welding.

They also regulate and control all customer requests in order to guarantee total customer satisfaction. All our products are designed and built to strict safety criteria, observing the rules of ergonomics as a mark of respect for the end user. The quality of our products is checked by sending a selection of living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture (as per current regulations) to an accredited Italian institute that certifies compliance with UNI EN 14749 European standards.