Design and production
100% made in Italy

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Gruppo Euromobil produces entirely in Italy and the company's Research & Development Centre works with exclusive architects and designers. Top quality is ensured by operations in compliance with accepted standards. The Group adheres to some of the core values of products made in Italy: entrepreneur families; a territory that internationally represents an unrepeatable system, from an idea to the market, and which holds product quality the primary goal; constant farsighted investments in technology and production facilities; and last but not least the involvement of contemporary art, a choice by the Lucchetta brothers to second their enthusiasm for this type of art.


The 1970s, when the company was founded, were a significant period due to the transformations involving mass production for the market: an artisan production model, or as in the case of Euromobil kitchen furniture, a type of production based on single furniture items, lead to a system logic that maintains two of the fundamental values of Italian design: quality control performed directly in-house, and the concepts of flexibility and variation, that is to say ad hoc design and production. The success of Gruppo Euromobil lies in its ability to understand the times we live in, using the best of craft traditions to produce and propose objects made necessary and desirable by new lifestyles and social organization through the different periods.