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Tivoli colonnades

The development is of five separate units, four of which joined together underground; all the buildings have the same style, but each one differs in shape and volume.

The concave ellipse of the first dwellings overlooks Avenue de Sévelin, and the ground floor forms a piazzetta which provides easy access to the shopping centre; the curvature of the construction also allows the inhabitants of the top floors to enjoy a sweeping panorama to the west and south-west. The two buildings have sound dampening glass with excellent insulation (up to 40dB).  The two more compact buildings are situated upstream of the larger building, to which they are practically identical.

A public park separates the last building in the complex from the others.  Although the construction is smaller it is clearly incorporated in the overall architectural style.  Externally insulated prefabricated balconies, water retaining vegetated flat roofs, PVC doors and windows, and cleverly applied classical building methods all contribute to the high urban and functional value of the complex.  

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