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The plan comprises ten flats covering an SIA volume of 9,500 cubic metres, with a gross floor surface of 1,625 square metres. The building is distinguished by large patios and continuous balconies facing south, or east and west on the sides. Conceived as authentic outdoor extensions of living space, the balconies are fully usable and enjoy a view of Lake Lemano and the Haute Savoie Alps.

The elegance of the building is distinguished by the light coloured slabs that highlight its horizontal lines and contrast with the dark colour of the doors and windows.  The terrace balustrades are completely transparent, contributing to the airiness of the overall effect.  The basement hosts a common garage that can hold 15 vehicles and there is a small external car park for 4 visiting vehicles.

Designed to meet many functional requirements, the construction gives purchasers the opportunity to customize the space and choose whichever technological equipment they prefer.  Developed on a conventional structure in reinforced concrete with a low pitched roof, the building is completed by metal framed windows that are extremely heat and sound proof.

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