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Morocco / Palace D'Anfa

Palace D'Anfa Hotel 5*****

The 2012 renovation operations on the prestigious Palace D’Anfa Hotel in Casablanca were confirmation of our Group’s well-known team organizing ability. All the materials were assembled without interrupting the hotel’s daily routine by dividing the ground floor into sections and completing work on one before going on to the other, with the client’s needs always to the fore.

Wooden floors, wall and column cladding, reception counters, and the interior decor of the restaurant and bar in mahogany featherband and wengè coordinated with Corian and gold leaf, make the welcoming and eating areas in the hotel truly unique.  You can almost smell the scent of Morocco in the Italian made furniture crafted with Venetian skill.  The client was delighted with the items, which were all custom made.

Architect: Cabinet d'architecture Mohammed Zoubaa

Activities: renovation of the ground floor, construction, supply and installation on a turnkey basis of the lobby, restaurant and bar (wooden floors and cladding, fixed and mobile furnishings, padded items and curtains).  Application of fireproof boards veneered in mahogany featherband and wengè.

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