We and the art


"Doing the world of art and artists, staying with them, teaches us to look ahead to new horizons in the world of the unknown. Integrating art and industry makes it different is the way we do business and be grow culturally all the people who are connected. Art trains the eye to the beautiful and make us happy, makes us live our time in a different way." Gaspare Lucchetta

For years, the Group Euromobil is a real phenomenon, almost unique in Italy, of modern philanthropy, promoting a form of cultural adoption is clearly not due to commercial purposes. Being linked to the territory of origin, Euromobil then begins his adventure in the world of art right in the Treviso area, and then organizing exhibitions in other regions of Italy and also abroad, taking to heart contemporary artists who sometimes live the difficulty to be appreciated by the general public. The Venetian Group is characterized by continuous and careful editorial promotion and in-house production of books, catalogues, monographs, calendars and graphic author who had the dual purpose of representing a scientific coaching at various exhibitions and in other cases an initiative independent.

Since 2007, the Euromobil Group is "Main Sponsor" of "Art Fair" in Bologna, one of the most important international events dedicated to the art, and there is a large space that celebrates the support of the Group to more than 500 exhibitions in museums worldwide.

The love for the art of Euromobil Group is not limited to the field of visual arts, but also explored the field of theatre and poetry, in particular with Pier Paolo Pasolini and the poet Andrea Zanzotto. Pasolini was responsible for the exposure of the pictorial representation of the drama Orgia.

The great Venetian poet, however, has made some CDs that have contributed to the precious lyrics and the delicate language of this author whose reputation has surpassed even national boundaries. The Group did not neglect even a "visit" in the music world, with the support of the Venetian musicians soloists who carry the flag of Made in Italy throughout Europe, the United States and Japan.