Island of the godfather

Lars Teichmann

Lars Teichmann wins the 2009 "Premio Euromobil under 30" With his work, “Island of the godfather", Lars Teichmann has won the third edition of "Premio Euromobil under 30", awarded to young artists who exhibit at Arte Fiera, Bologna. The Panel - comprising the Luchetta brothers, owners of Euromobil S.p.A. and renowned collectors: Antonio, Fiorenzo, Gaspare and Giancarlo, the director of Artefiera "Art First" Silvia Evangelisti, the Scientific director of IED Aldo Colonetti, the architect and designer of the company Roberto Gobbo, and two important art critics Beatrice Buscaroli and Walter Guadagnini - viewed 57 works presented by 28 international galleries. The winner, Lars Teichmann, was presented by the Kunstagenten gallery of Berlin. This young German artist was born in former East Germany in 1980. He conveys an ability to reintroduce traditional forms of expression and even the traditional subjects of paintings by famous artists such as Jan Vermeer. His paintings reveal striking colours, in line with the violent intensity of most contemporary paintings, providing a harmonious overall effect of narration and expectation. In addition, the Panel considered it appropriate to commend the works of three other artists, including Luca Pozzi (presented by Galleria 42 with a work entitled “Convitto a casa Levi - Paolo Veronese Gallerie dell‘Accademia, Venezia"), an artist who reveals an interesting contamination between painting, photography and installation. This artist portrays himself at the famous “dinners” of former artists, as a guest, an observer or stranger. The second commendation goes to “Untitled” by Jennifer Taylor, presented by Galleria Flowers. The work of this young English artist - a pupil at the Royal College - fits into the English sculpture tradition of recent decades, in which day-to-day objects are transformed. The original functions of these objects, piled, assembled and made homogenous with an all-embracing white colour, disappear only to reveal surprising aesthetic appeal. The third commendation goes to Roberto De Paolis for his work entitled “Alma 3“. Via photography, this artist proposes an original expression of the human body, also in imaginary form, conveying the theme of double identity. It must be mentioned that the number of galleries and artists participating this year is much higher (almost double) than last year, having greatly increased since the 2007 edition, the first year of "Premio Euromobil". The Lucchetta brothers comment, "This indicates the growing prestige of "Premio Euromobil" and the decision made by galleries to increasingly focus on artists aged under 30. We like to think that our prize has contributed to this development". "Premio Euromobil under 30" was established in 2007, thanks to the Lucchetta brothers, owners of Euromobil S.p.A. and the main sponsor of ArteFiera in Bologna for the third year running. It aims to foster the creativity of young artists. The winner will also have the opportunity to express personal talent by creating or providing an “artist's idea” of a furnishing product for one of the many collections produced by the Euromobil Group. There are no restrictions on the artistic medium used for this prize but it is strictly for young artists who can offer companies new ideas. Winners of previous editions include the Czech artist Jacub Nepras and the Italian Paolo Maggis, whose works have enhanced the Lucchetta collection at the premises, open to the public, in Falzè di Piave. For Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta, this is just the first step in introducing a string of furnishing products to the market, designed by young international artists, new names in the art world, who will exchange ideas with international designers that already work for this important Group of the Treviso area.