Ballon’s Boy

Paolo Maggis

The Euromobil under 30 Prize, awarded to Paolo Maggis The prize-giving ceremony will take place on Saturday 26th January at 11am, at the Euromobil “Places of art – Places of design” area, Exhibition hall 21, at Artefiera, Bologna Speakers: Philippe Daverio and Aldo Colonetti An image of the winning work can be downloaded from Web site: Information about the artist: Press release With his work “Ballon’s Boy”, Paolo Maggis won at the second edition of the Euromobil under 30 Prize. The awarding committee, including the Lucchetta brothers Antonio, Fiorenzo, Gaspare and Giancarlo, the owners of Euromobil S.p.A., and well-known collectors, including Silvia Evangelisti the director of Artefiera “Art First”, Gianfranco Maraniello director of MAMBO, Philippe Daverio art historian, Aldo Colonetti IED Scientific director and the architect and designer from the company Roberto Gobbo, selected the work by Paolo Maggis after having thoroughly examined the works of about twenty artists presented at Artefiera from 16 international galleries. Having trained in Milan, Paolo Maggis now lives and works in Berlin and Barcelona. His most recent exhibitions include his personal ones in Cologne Berlin, Barcelona and Tampa, as well as his permanent exhibitions in Milan and at Palazzo Sarcinelli. On 16th March, a large-scale exhibition will be dedicated to his works at Kustverein in Baden Baden. With his fast and powerful expression that grasps the observer, Paolo Maggis offers an original, contemplative and communicative interpretation of society. At Artefiera Bologna 2008, Paolo Maggis is presented by Binz & Kraemer Gallery of Cologne (present at exhibition hall 22, stand A 44). The Euromobil Prize, previously won by young Czech artist Yacub Nepraš, is unique on the Italian awards scene, since it strongly focuses on promoting the art of the youngest artists. Artists who can also offer ideas and input for industrial production: Euromobil offers the prize-winning artist the opportunity to express his/her talent also by creating a furnishing product, naturally supported by the Group’s technical team (Euromobil for kitchens, Zalf for furniture and Désirée for sofas). The Lucchetta brothers are important contemporary art collectors and part of their collection is permanently exhibited at the Group’s headquarters, which can be seen by visitors to the company. The exhibition at the company will be enlarged to include the prize-winning work, which will also be exhibited in Bologna at Artefiera 2009, at the Euromobil exhibition area. For Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta, this is merely the first step to selling a line of furnishing products designed by young international artists, new “names” in the art world, who will compete with international designers that already work for this important Group in the Treviso area. The Euromobil Group, the main sponsor of Artefiera, is also present at the fringe venue at Padiglione dell’Esprit Nouveau (in Piazza della Costituzione, 11, next to the entrance to the Fair) with an exhibition curated by Philippe Daverio and Cristina Beltrami dedicated to Master artist Carmelo Zotti, who recently died.