Babylon Plant

Jakub Nepras

Euromobil prize is different from all the others present in that field, which distinguish itself because it offers to the winning artist the possibility to express his talent also in the realising of a furniture object. The regulation of the prize established that it has to be given to an artist under 35 years old, either Italian or foreign, present at Artefiera. So it has been. The choice focalised immediately and unanimously to the masterpiece “Babylon Plant” of Jakub Nepraš. At Artefiera Bologna 2007 Jakub Nepraš is displayed by the Gallery Vernon of Prague. Who desires to have a look at his work can still do it by the stand of the Gallery Vernon, Pavilion 22. The chosen work has been bought by Euromobil Group and will be displayed till the edition of the year 2008 of the bolognese happening by the main seat at Falzè di Piave in the venetian region. Lucchetta’s brothers are important collectors of contemporary art and a part of their collection is permanently displayed at the group main seat where it can be visited by everybody who frequents the firm. The exhibition in the company will be enlarged with the winner’s work, which will be displayed again at Artefiera 2008 together with the design product created y the winner of Euromobil Group Prize of that year. In Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo, Giancarlo Lucchetta wish this is only the first step for trading a new range of furnishing products “signed” by international young artists, new “signature” in art world that, in this way, they will compare themselves with international designers who already work with the big group in Treviso county. Flaminio Gualdoni who co-ordinated the choice of the working team, grounds the choice of that work to its extraordinary and precocious maturity of the artist, which joints itself with the new media technology and with a happy and analytic creativity. At Artefiera Art First Euromobil Group is present with a wide plant named “I Luoghi dell’Arte” in which the group doesn't present his industrials products but many important activities that the Group companies have pleaded and sometimes have handled personally in art field, from big exhibitions in Brescia (these days two displays take place, one dedicated to “Turner and the impressionist” and one dedicated to “Mondrian”), to the exhibitions concerning Afro in Udine and Pordenone, and the exhibitions dedicated to Carmelo Zotti and Arturo Martini, both present at Milan Permanente.