Euromobil takes part of the general catalog edition of Carmelo Zotti

The Euromobil Group promotes from years a series of coordinated and systematicì initiatives to raise awareness of the work of Carmelo Zotti , one of the leaders of the so-called middle generation, whose painting, while providing many qualified entries and critical analysis, it seems not to have had a proper recognition on the part of the market and the general public.
In this regard, the Lucchetta brothers have supported the completion of General Catalogue of Works Pictorial Carmelo Zotti , reserving to a later stage cataloging drawings, graphics, and generally works on paper.
With the task to cooperate in filing and cataloging of paintings, was created a Steering Committee, composed of Dino Marangon , Brigitte Brand , Franca Bizzotto and Michele Beraldo , which followed up on the project to publish two volumes of paintings.
The first catalog published by Skira in 2008, consists of 404 pages, and brings together works from 1952 to 1979. The preface of the book was given to Enrico Crispolti , one of the leading interpreters of the artist from Trieste. The second, 456 pages, collects works from 1980 to 2007 and was published by Skira in 2012. The foreword was entrusted to Francesco Poli , of the greatest scholars of contemporary art. An elegant box and collects two volumes. Into

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