From 1999 Euromobil takes part of the Award

The Prize "Radicchio d'Oro" is about to experience the twelfth edition with the enthusiasm and charm of those who grew up in time, conscious of a certain maturity and experience to be an event expected, if only because the only one of its kind in region.
The idea of ??Restaurateurs of Radicchio to reward those who stands in wine and food, sports and culture, has found wide acceptance and sincere gratitude over time. All those, and are now so many, which since 1999 have occurred at the Hotel Fior to receive the prize, they went with the spirit of those who lived an unforgettable evening with
from the typical combining reliability and user-friendliness of Veneto, friendly atmosphere and professional, focused attention and never mawkish for the guest. The radicchio, edible flower, has been and is a witness to everything. Triumphs on the plates and decorations like a prince in the throne room.
The Hall of Fame, full of famous names, is there to confirm the quality of the Prize. Distinguished personalities from the world of sports, entertainment, art, literature, fashion, TV, song, cuisine, solidarity, the company received the gold award in the
warm and comfortable rooms of the Hotel Fior, the historic ceremony. A place where emotions flow, a house in which an atmosphere of friendship, thanks to his host, Giles, a man of old-fashioned values ??and healthy, happy and satisfied when even the guests are.
The "Radicchio d'Oro" is not one of the many awards and used, is above all a feast, a banquet between people of different attitudes and skills, but united by the same feelings and the same values.