From Licata to Finzi passing trough Zotti and Costalonga. They are the 4 biographies supported by Euromobil

From Licata to Finzi passing through Zotti and Costalonga. They are four biographies of artists who represented the most significant expressions of nationally in Veneto, in the second half of the twentieth century and still continue to be a significant reference points for the younger generation of artists.
The books, edited by MIchele Beraldo , and edited by Canova and Skira, constitute an indispensable guide to get to know these unique and established artists.
Finzi , Fifty years of painting (2005)
Costalonga , Dinamyc art. Paths on the movement (2006)
Zotti . Symbols and metaphors (2007)
Licata . A life as an artist (2009)

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