Euromobil Group has supported some of the most important initiatives for the Solisti Veneti. The first of these took place with the concert at Room Tirol Innsbruck in 2000, where the group of orchestra conducted by Maestro Scimone has demonstrated a strong ability of blending the musical heritage expressed through the centuries from the territory and the history of European music. They are followed concerts in Japan in Osaka, Tokyo and Sapporo City.
In addition, the Euromobil Group participated as sponsor for some of the most successful edition of the "Veneto Festival". Born in 1970, the bicentenary of the death of Giuseppe Tartini, the "Veneto Festival" has evolved into a major traveling show in the Veneto places the most significant artistic and neighboring regions.
Concerts of "I Solisti Veneti" and performances with Italian and international guests of great fame, set in scenarios Art Padua and Veneto are unmissable opportunity for those who love music, art, beauty.