Flussidiversi poetry meeting

Flussidiversi , is an event that takes place in June in Caorle and organized and supported by the Comunità di lavoro di Aple Adria, Veneto Region, Euromobil Group and the same city of Caorle.
It is an event with a number of meetings between poets, translators and publishers, live music in the squares of Caorle, lunches and dinners with poets, laboratories in the streets and on the beach for children.
The first edition, in September 2008, is dedicated to the poet Andrea Zanzotto. While Christoph Wilhelm Aigner, Austrian, it was reported the following year. In 2011, to take over Flussidiversi from the hands of Patrizia Valduga, winning the 2010 edition, it was instead the poet Hungarian Géza Szocs.

Very singular figure of Géza Szocs , great "witness" of the 2011 edition of Flussidiversi. Géza Szocs (Marosvásárhely, 1953) is Hungarian Romanian origin.
Poet of the greatest of his country's vice minister of culture of the Government of Budapest after being parliamentary and intellectual figure of reference in neighboring Romania, the country from which he was expelled in 1982 after the arrest and imprisonment for subversive activities. At the end of the regime, returned to Bucharest was elected a member of that Parliament.
Its transnationality led him to express himself correctly in five different languages, including Italian. As a poet he has published ten collections translated into many languages.
But Géza Szocs is not only a poet and politician, he is an intellectual in the round: novelist, drama, translator, playwright, publisher, as well as point man for the political management of the first culture in Romania and now in Hungary. In May 2009, for his contribution to European culture the Vienna European Academy awarded him its prestigious annual prize.

The protagonist of flussidiverSi 2012 was Fernando Bandini from Vicenza "a great poet - wrote Zanzotto that he was a close friend of him - between calmness and meditation." Bandini is a trilingual poet: he published, in fact, the poems in Italian, Latin and local language "vicentino", the latter compositions that have earned awards at Certamen Poeticum Hoeufftianum Amsterdam and Certamen Vaticanum Foundation Latinitatis.
Bandini received on the afternoon of Saturday, June 1, in the Town Hall, the witness of the poet Flussidiversi Hungarian Géza SzÅ'cs. It 'was then the star of some readings and officially closed the fifth edition of the festival with the ceremony on the afternoon of Sunday, June 3, engraving on the cliffs of Caorle of some of his verses. And 'in fact show that the custom of the poets here "graduates" write some verses that are carved on the cliff of the promenade of Caorle.
In the Civic Center, an exhibition reminded Andrea Zanzotto , the great poet who was the first to enter his name in the Golden Book of fluSSidiverSi. Were exposed fifty images taken in decades of friendship attendance, the Venetian photographer Graziano Arici towards the development of "versi di carta vetrata nel tempo dell'oblio."
The older among them tell a Zanzotto committed in moments of social culture, with his beloved "colleagues": Comisso from Treviso like him, but in the country, Pietro Chiara, Luzi and her beloved "godfather" Ungaretti.
Then the "half solitude," fruitfully creative choice, not suffered, among its hills. Semi loneliness, isolation ever, almost rarefied to be even more catching because "poetry is like to go into an abyss where no one wants to join." Until the end, when the face of the poet assumes the features of a woodcut and his eyes seem to reacquire the present "to give you the Gods".
Fifty extraordinary images, dense, true. As only an artist can do for another artist.