Van Gogh. Drawings and Paintins

18 ottobre 2008 – 25 gennaio 2009 | Brescia, Museo di Santa Giulia

curated by M. Goldin

The project "Brescia. The splendor of the art ", which was launched in October 2004 with an exhibition dedicated to Monet, has attracted so far in the Lombard city over two million visitors. The autumn festival will be devoted to Vincent van Gogh, the artist perhaps best known and loved in the world. Similarly, Van Gogh, and his relationship with Gauguin, Brescia had dedicated a monumental exhibition in 2005-2006, which met in Santa Giulia 150 works and was admired by over half a million people. Completely different cutting Goldin that he wanted to give his new proposal: to discover Van Gogh's most secret, intimate, committed to nell'appuntare their emotions, the landscapes, faces, then everything will be expressed by the painting. Works on paper. Or drawings and watercolors representing in some cases the seed strongest of the most famous masterpieces of painting (twenty of which will be on display next to the seat designs that preceded them, or sometimes even followed), but in many other cases, works of completely independent, absolute masterpieces, designed and implemented through a strong field of charcoal or pencil or with the possibilities offered from water. Beautiful pages in the history of the great master, certainly not less important than his paintings.