The gold and blue. The colors of the south from Cézanne to Bonnard

11 October 2003 - 7 March 2004 | Treviso, Casa dei Carraresi

curated by M. Goldin

Exposure fascinating and totally dedicated to color, which means 120 paintings and 20 drawings tells one of the most compelling stories of art from the second half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. A story that has profoundly changed the way of painting, when a century ended at the urging of the amazing new impressionist. It 's the story of travel, but also for long stays, many French artists, or grow or educatisi in that area, maybe even for a short but intense periods, have made along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Provence. In those places, they instantly became a miracle of painting, where color was shown to freely expand rampant within the space of a light without borders. There, many of the most important artists of the century have written the most beautiful pages and recognized for their fate. Mere mention, in this regard, Cézanne and Van Gogh just to go back with the memory of a long series of masterpieces, many of which are now in Treviso. And these two painters are to indicate which reflected, in the space of the canvas, had the geographical area, with almost complete reversal that has worked in the world of Van Gogh no less than in that of Cézanne.