The Birth of Impressionism

09 September - 14 January 2000 | Treviso, Casa dei Carraresi

curated by M. Goldin

The Cassamarca Foundation in collaboration with the Group Euromobil, after the resounding success of the exhibition of 1999, From Cézanne to Mondrian, which reached nearly 200 000 visitors, from the beginning to an articulated within the culture of Impressionism. The partenzanon could only be reserved for the years caused a change in the most significant of all ages. The Birth of Impressionism explores, in an extensive, decades who prepared the novelty of a painting loved by the general public international art that has resisted any change of taste and general consideration. There are 160 works on display in Treviso, in the House of Carrara, to witness the extraordinary quality of a time that has delivered some of the most important painters of the history of art can remember.And as evidence of a growing confidence that the institutions demonstrate to the Foundation Cassamarca and its exhibitions are even 80 museums around the world who have granted the loan of their works. Just this fact, so striking, marking the route of an exhibition that promises to be among the richest of masterpieces not only in Italy. Four sections for ease of reading esrtema the visitor shall be traceable from 1830 to 1874, the date of opening of the first Impressionist exhibition in the Paris studio of the photographer Nadar. There are two fundamental chapters: on the one hand and on the other Barbizon scula of the Impressionist painters. Just to give an idea of ??the wealth of the event, just list a few number of works presented: six paintings by Corot, Coubet nine, seven of Daubigny, Millet four, five Rousseau section of Barbizon. And in the impressionist, four of Bazille, five of Boudin, Cézanne's five, six by Degas, Manet four, eight by Monet, Pissarro eight, four of Renoir, Sisley five, five of Fantin-Latour, four of Jongkind three of Morisot, just to make some of the most famous names. Rarely in Italy has witnessed a similar parade. A fascinating landscape, complete, among other things, from the large illustrated catalog published by Linea d'ombra Books, with over 500 pages.