Sarnari. Black

22 October 2005 – 20 January 2006 | Brescia, Piccolo Miglio in Castello

curated by M. Goldin

A choice of about thirty works to tell some of the most dense of emotion in the painting of Franco Sarnari, the artist who perhaps most studied fracture, incompleteness, the shattering of the ego and of reality, and yet they have stubbornly pursued and recreated in paintings that are an emotional, thoughtful act of love. To that loss, to that lack, and at the same time to push the inexhaustible life that never tires of telling it. Fragments, deletions, landscapes, studies: a series of pictorial cycles that despite their autonomy and differentiation witness all the workings of the painter on space and time. A space and a time, in fact, altered, plunged into a point of magical encounter between absolute and contingent, which suggests a deeper unity, almost legendary, as evidenced by the splendid paintings in this exhibition. An alienating space, in which stands a black sea that has sunk forever every possible connotation realistic and, standing before the eyes like a dark mountain, seems to seal in its geographic profile almost a dense magma of inner emotional resonance. A black sea. A black as ever. And the words of Sarnari: "I'm looking for the absolute has roots."